Design Brief

Department of Design, Architecture and Digital (DAD) of Victoria and Albert Museum – responsible for exploring and responding to pertinent issues within design and society – have collaborated with the Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Imperial College and the Royal College of Art, to bring LDF’s Day of Design to Exhibition Road on 22 September, from 11.00 – 17.00. The road will be pedestrianised and filled with installations, talks and activities focussed on design solutions to climate change.
As part of commitment to sustainability,  V&A has set about creatively and mindfully tackling our organisational waste. Two furniture upcycling initiatives using the surplus stock of exhibition packing crates, demonstrating how we can give our waste materials a meaningful life beyond their limited purpose.

Crates for Art Pieces
Crates for Art Pieces
Crates for Art Pieces
Crates for Art Pieces

○ Art crates are in decent quality wood to provide the protection of the art pieces.
○ Time line is 3 weeks to finish the piece.
○ The piece will be used for dining event for public, and will be donated to a charity organization.
○ Textile collaboration part should integrate with the wooden part and be in cohesive message regarding the upcycling furniture. 
○ The user profile and needs for the London Design Week event and the owner after may differ, and the solution should consider and adaptable for both.

 Designer's Question

What is the storage design solution for a dining table with adaptability for users that are widely spread for age, income, and needs?
 Design Solution

Soft + Modularity
Materials & Colours & Trims

○ For sustainability, only natural and natural blend yarns in various thickness were selected.
○ Colours were inspired from natural fiber colours, and some of yarns were dyed in the food waste.
○ Handmade macrame was selected for the technique for timeline, aesthetic, and the strength of the shelf.
○ For additional details, wooden beads in different sizes were added.

Making Process
Finished Piece
The table was showcased during the 2019 London Design Week, and donated to the 999 club after the event. 


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